Our Skills

Because we are a small and independent company, we are flexible to adjust our production for short one off runs, and versatile to quickly design an urgent replacement coil.

We pride ourselves in prompt responses to your quotation requests.

All the stages of manufacture are carried out in house, under our supervision, so that we can control the quality of our product.

For example, we realise that the weak point of most coils is at that point where the copper tube passes through the framed tube sheet.

All our tube plate frames have formed collars to create a smooth fit and enhanced surface area in contact with the copper tubes. This reduces chaffing and abrasion to the tubes.

We can also over punch those points where tubes connect to the headers. This allows the tube to float free of the tube plate.

For heavy duty applications, we can also fit a 2mm aluminium insert into the steel tube plate to act as a cushion for the tubes

IMG 0211 tmb  IMG 0213 tmb

We can provide our coil selections swiftly in electronic format (Excel or PDF), for you to enhance or incorporate into documentation for your clients.

We are also well renowned for taking great care in the packing of our coils for interstate shipment.